Miracle boy whose cancer fight touched Brits’ hearts celebrates seventh birthday

A young boy whose fight against cancer touched the nation’s hearts has celebrated his seventh birthday.

Oscar Saxelby-Lee has had a miracle recovery after undergoing revolutionary treatment for a rare childhood cancer.

Half a million pounds was raised by well-wishers to help the brave T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia sufferer.

More than 5,000 people queued up to see if they were potential stem-cell donors for Oscar when he was first diagnosed.

Another 5,000 people were tested across the UK and he underwent a bone marrow transplant after a match was finally found.

In October 2019 his mum Olivia Saxelby, 25, and dad Jamie Lee, 28, were left devastated when his leukaemia returned.

They raised £500,000 in just three weeks – the fastest online charity appeal ever – to pay for revolutionary treatment in Singapore.

Oscar flew to the Far East last Christmas to undergo life-saving CAR-T cell therapy and a second bone marrow transplant.

The therapy involved reprogramming the youngster’s immune system cells, which were then used to target their cancer.

In January last year his delighted parents revealed that Oscar was MRD negative – meaning there is no sign of the disease.

They returned to their home city of Worcester in June and the brave youngster remains cancer-free.

Oscar celebrated his birthday with a socially-distanced superhero birthday party on Monday.

Characters from his favourite movies Toy Story and Spiderman surprised the delighted youngster.

Olivia posted on Facebook : “Happy seventh birthday darling boy.

“Seven years ago we welcomed you into this world naming you our miracle baby.

“Since that moment you have shown us how to live, how to learn and most of all, how to love unconditionally.

“Today our hearts are singing with joy and screaming with pride.

“This moment is one we were told we’d never see, and here you are celebrating life, celebrating you.

“You deserve the world Ozzy Bear. We love you so very much.”